Sunday, August 23, 2009

The American Shorthair cat (ASH)

American Shorthair (ASH) was the descendants/the development from the European Shorthair race and British Shorthair. ASH was begun during 1620. Initially this race was known with the Shorthair term, afterwards to be popular with the Domestic Shorthair term during the 60 's. During 1966 his name was changed into American Shorthair. ASH was the cat with the measurement of the body was until big with foot and the strong claw. The snout have the shape of like the box, all the body was covered the thick, solid and rather stiff short hair. Had a function of protecting the body from the cold and humid weather. This hair thickened in the cold season and fell in the season semi. The measurement of ears was and wide with the tip part buckled. The distance between close ears. ASH including one of the cats with the strength of the body & the good health. Unlike the cat persia that often had many genetic defects.

ASH was the cat with the good character, smart with the good hunting capacity. ASH found it easy to adapt, relatively calm but was not as calm as Persia. American shorthair was suitable for children and could be friends was good with the dog.