Sunday, August 23, 2009

The American Shorthair cat (ASH)

American Shorthair (ASH) was the descendants/the development from the European Shorthair race and British Shorthair. ASH was begun during 1620. Initially this race was known with the Shorthair term, afterwards to be popular with the Domestic Shorthair term during the 60 's. During 1966 his name was changed into American Shorthair. ASH was the cat with the measurement of the body was until big with foot and the strong claw. The snout have the shape of like the box, all the body was covered the thick, solid and rather stiff short hair. Had a function of protecting the body from the cold and humid weather. This hair thickened in the cold season and fell in the season semi. The measurement of ears was and wide with the tip part buckled. The distance between close ears. ASH including one of the cats with the strength of the body & the good health. Unlike the cat persia that often had many genetic defects.

ASH was the cat with the good character, smart with the good hunting capacity. ASH found it easy to adapt, relatively calm but was not as calm as Persia. American shorthair was suitable for children and could be friends was good with the dog.

The Cymric cat

Cymric was the version of the long hair from the Manx race, came from the small island that was in sea between England and Ireland. The Cymric development was begun during 1960. Cymric (was read by Kim rik or kum rik) personally in fact meant Wales (England). The form and Cymric anatomy were identical to Manx, except long his hair. Cymric resembled the dog, liked to be furious towards the disturbance that was not liked by him. The other interesting matter, this cat against the object that shone.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Tiffany cat

Chantilly/Tiffany was the cat with the measurement of the medium, the type of the body semi foreign and the weight 4-5 Kg. The form of the head approached the triangle, the short and wide snout and the small chin. The broad cheekbone, ears was, wide in bagain the foundation and appeared in the future. The male cat heavier than the female cat, both of them had the tail that was decorated the soft hair as well as surai in and around the neck.

The colour of the eyes only oranye (gold) sometimes was accompanied the area was green that surrounded the eyes pupil. One of the typical characteristics of this race was the colour of his chocolate. Now Tiffany's colour is more heterogenous, like Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn with the pattern of the solid colour or tabby. Black was the rarest colour. Breeder tried to breed the cat with his original colour, that is chocolate.

The Egyptian Mau cat

Egyptian Mau was the domestic cat race eldest available. The Mau cat was believed was the descendants of the Cat of Liar Africa (Felis Lybica ocreata). The process of the domestication of this Race was estimated around the year 4000 s/d 2000 before masehi (SM). Egyptian Mau was the fastest domestic cat, could run with the speed 36 mph (58 Km/the hour). The other race that could run fast also was American Shorthair that could run with the speed 31 mph (50 Km/the hour). Egyptian Mau was the cat was very strong when being compared by other cats that seukuran him. Might be counted, this Cat was the miniature cheetah. Like Cheetah, Mau had the long back leg and thin skin and lentur in and around the stomach and the back leg. Want to be sensitive to the change in the temperature. Generally the period of cat pregnancy revolved between 59-70 days. Rarely very the cat that was pregnant for 70 days. It is another matter with Egyptian Mau, 73 days were still being counted normal.

The Mau cat had the unique voice. Sometimes they dismissed the voice miaowed that was similar to the cricket sound. The behaviour other that enough interesting was at the time of them to be happy. They moved the back leg to upper-low as dancing.

The Exotic Shorthair cat

Exotic Shorthair had the calm and elegant characteristics persia, but rather agile and active when compared with persia normally. Always curious and playing and rarely miaowed. This race including the independent cat.

The maintenance of this cat more was easy when being compared persia had long feathers that must be combed every day. Physically, the form of the body and the Exotic Shorthair head, was identical to Persia. The colour and the pattern of the colour as well as the colour of the eyes juma same like that was met in the Persia race. The only difference only in long the hair.

The Burmila cat

Burmilla was the measuring cat was, with the physical characteristics that resembled Burmese. Had the short, solid and soft hair. The unclear colour like “eye liner” surrounded the green eyes was one of the typical Burmilla characteristics. The Burmilla race had the body that really was muscular, the face rather became round, and the short snout. Heavy mature this race revolved between 4 – 5 Kg. Burmilla had the colour various things like black, blue, champagne, chocolate, cream, lilac, platinum and red. Also could emerge the colour tortie with the combination of the colour black, blue, brown, chocolate dam lilac.

The Bengal cat

A genetic expert and breeder the cat in California tried to cross Asian Leopard Cat with American Shorthair. This cross marriage aimed at getting the pattern “spotted wild cat” to the domestic cat. The female child his descendants were crossed again with his father so as to be produced by the kitten with the pattern spotted that afterwards was known with the Obstinate race. The Bengal cat had the big and strong body, obstinate got some physical characteristics of his ancestors that was the wild cat. The female cat mature had the weight around 4-5 Kg, whereas the male cat could reach verat 10 Kg.

The form of the head of the obstinate cat big and rather long, but rather small was compared his body. His neck was big, long and was muscular, balanced with the measurement of the head. The big and wide nose, whereas nose skin was red with the outside line black. Ears was and appeared in the future. The broad and round eyes, was green. The pattern of the obstinate colour very typical that is tabby spotted that was blackish, chocolate or cinnamon, and the horizontal line black in the shoulders part, as well as the circle had the shape of the ring to the tail with the coloured tip dark. The colour of the foundation orange more was liked. Known also the pattern classic tabby that was seen like the pattern oyster in the thigh part and the pattern of the butterfly in the shoulder part.