Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bengal cat

A genetic expert and breeder the cat in California tried to cross Asian Leopard Cat with American Shorthair. This cross marriage aimed at getting the pattern “spotted wild cat” to the domestic cat. The female child his descendants were crossed again with his father so as to be produced by the kitten with the pattern spotted that afterwards was known with the Obstinate race. The Bengal cat had the big and strong body, obstinate got some physical characteristics of his ancestors that was the wild cat. The female cat mature had the weight around 4-5 Kg, whereas the male cat could reach verat 10 Kg.

The form of the head of the obstinate cat big and rather long, but rather small was compared his body. His neck was big, long and was muscular, balanced with the measurement of the head. The big and wide nose, whereas nose skin was red with the outside line black. Ears was and appeared in the future. The broad and round eyes, was green. The pattern of the obstinate colour very typical that is tabby spotted that was blackish, chocolate or cinnamon, and the horizontal line black in the shoulders part, as well as the circle had the shape of the ring to the tail with the coloured tip dark. The colour of the foundation orange more was liked. Known also the pattern classic tabby that was seen like the pattern oyster in the thigh part and the pattern of the butterfly in the shoulder part.