Monday, March 9, 2009

The British Shorthair cat

British Shorthair was one of the eldest cat races that had been known by humankind. British shorthair often became the icon. This cat became the model for Cheshire the paint that was gotten in the film animasi Alices Adventures in Wonderland. British shorthair with the pattern of the Silver colour tabbyt became the Whiskas icon of the product of cat food. Generally the measurement of his body the medium until big seriously revolving 4 - 8 kg. His body was unified, solid, cobby, strong and was muscular with the chest, the shoulder as well as the broad hip. His head was round and wide with the cheek was full, was located in the short and thick neck. The short, wide and straight nose without the indentation, the form of his chin was round.

The measurement of ears was and wide in the underside with the tip buckled. The clearance of the two ears was. The big and round eyes, his colour was connected with the colour of the hair that is copper, gold, blue, green or odd eyes. Foot him was short with bones that were strong as well as was muscular and his fingers were round. It was long that the tail approximately 2/3 long the body, thick in