Monday, March 9, 2009

The Balinese cat

The Manx race came from the small island in the England area that was named Isle of Man. Manx including one of the eldest cat races that had been registered. Manx also was one of the races that was formed naturally. The main characteristics manx was the short tail or without the tail completely and his hair that was short. Manx was the active and happy cat playing. This cat could jump higher than that could be imagined by us. This capacity was supported the hip and the strong back leg. Manx was also known as “one person cat” or “one family cat”. Very much he was tied and lives with one person or one family, usually rather was difficult to live and adapt to the person or the other family.

The measurement of the body manx very short compared to the other race, with the broad chest and the backbone buckled until the hip. The location of the hip was higher than the shoulder because of the back leg more long and stronger than the foreleg. The typical characteristics other was his head was round