Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Egyptian Mau cat

Egyptian Mau was the domestic cat race eldest available. The Mau cat was believed was the descendants of the Cat of Liar Africa (Felis Lybica ocreata). The process of the domestication of this Race was estimated around the year 4000 s/d 2000 before masehi (SM). Egyptian Mau was the fastest domestic cat, could run with the speed 36 mph (58 Km/the hour). The other race that could run fast also was American Shorthair that could run with the speed 31 mph (50 Km/the hour). Egyptian Mau was the cat was very strong when being compared by other cats that seukuran him. Might be counted, this Cat was the miniature cheetah. Like Cheetah, Mau had the long back leg and thin skin and lentur in and around the stomach and the back leg. Want to be sensitive to the change in the temperature. Generally the period of cat pregnancy revolved between 59-70 days. Rarely very the cat that was pregnant for 70 days. It is another matter with Egyptian Mau, 73 days were still being counted normal.

The Mau cat had the unique voice. Sometimes they dismissed the voice miaowed that was similar to the cricket sound. The behaviour other that enough interesting was at the time of them to be happy. They moved the back leg to upper-low as dancing.