Monday, March 2, 2009

The Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon was the Cat that came from Maine (the United States). The main characteristics physical Maine coon was gotten in the head, the form of the body, the texture of the hair and the hair in and around the neck that resembled surai the lion. The big body, long almost had the shape of the quadrangle, bones and the strong muscle. The measuring head was and wide, the forehead seldom buckled, the cheekbone stood out with the clear muscle. The broad nose and seldom buckled in the tip part with the sharp chin.

Big and wide ears in the underside, seldom formed sharp in his tip part, and in ears was overgrown the quite long hair. The broad eyes and rather oval, was seen round when being open wide. It was long that the neck was and strong, as well as seldom buckled. Foot was the length with bones and the strong muscle. The long and wide tail in the starting point part as well as diminished at the end, the tail feather was luxuriant enough. His hair was thick and soft, short in the head part, the shoulder and foot, somewhat long in the back part and the thigh, whereas in