Monday, March 2, 2009

The Somali cat

The Somali cat had Gen the long hair was resesif (lost/was covered) compared with the short hair gene. The characteristics somali like abyssinian, except long his hair. Like to Persia longhair and exotic shorthair, the two races persia this had the similar characteristics, except the length hair. Several other races were also formed from the long variation his hair, like Cymric (the version of the long hair from manx) and Tiffanie (the version long hair from burmilla).

Somali was the feathered cat semi long hair with broad ears and the tail feather luxuriant expanded like the tail of the civet. Somali was the measuring cat the body was and the muscle developed good. The method stood that seldom lifted and elegant gave the picture seemed to stand by means of going on tiptoe.