Thursday, April 17, 2008


The pope was a kind of mammal that lived in the ocean. Despite in the pope's Indonesian often was acknowledged as the "whale", the pope in fact not be classed as in the fish family. Like the other mammalian animal the whale had the characteristics as follows: breathed through lungs-paru had the hair (a little, almost was not for the mature pope) bloody panas had the mammary gland. had the heart of four bilik the ancient Whale was evolving to the middle of the Eocene time, approximately 50 million years ago. One of the popes was guarded that has extinct was Basilosaurus that had the small head bermoncong stood out and had teeth. Basilosaurus had long 25 metre. The fossil showed that the pope came from the mainland animal berku I, possibly from the animal like Mesonychid (the animal like the wolf that lived in the coastal coast) that gradually again lived in sea around 50 million years ago. It was other that the possibility of the other animal that changed to the pope, was Ambulocetus, the measuring mammal the seal, along 3 metre weighing 325 kilogram. At the time of currently, was gotten by the pope's two kinds, that is the Odontoceti whale the pope had teeth, and the Baleen whale, Mysticeti. The Odontoceti whale that had teeth was pemangsa that ate the fish, cuttlefish, and the sea mammal, had one respiratory hole. The whale balin measuring bigger than the toothed whale and had the structure that was known as balin that had the shape of the hand. This structure was useful to refine the plankton in water. The Balin whale had two respiratory holes.